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Our aim is to help our customers find the best flight tickets possible by comparing itineraries from more than 650 airlines. With Mytrip you can easily and securely search, book and pay for flight tickets and trips to all over the world. And we have 300,000 hotel and holiday rentals for you to choose from, as well as car rentals across all model types and price ranges.

We fill 140 Boeing 737s every day

Mytrip is part of OY SRG Finland AB which is owned by Etraveli Group AB , the second largest flight-centric online travel agent in Europe. The company operates in 77 countries on 6 continents. With close to 14 million customers per year and over 4 million holidays sold, Etraveli fills 140 Boeing 737s every day. The Group has extensive experience in the industry and has been running its travel agency business since 1989. Starting to sell flights online already in 2000, they were one of the first e-commerce travel companies in Scandinavia.

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You can shop securely with us, as we use the highest available encryption standard for safe data and payment handling so that there is no unauthorised access to your personal details.

Our staff are IATA certified and possess excellent levels of expertise in the travel industry.

All marketing on this site is managed by OY SRG Finland AB.

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